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Picture Book

A Picture Book for Children about the Medal of Honor

Available Medal of Honor Day!  March 25th, 2021!

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In The Making of a Hero, Linda Moss Mines introduces children to the important values of patriotism, citizenship, courage, integrity, sacrifice, and commitment. This book tells the story of six Americans—Arthur MacArthur (Civil War), George Jordan (Buffalo Soldier), Alvin C. York (World War I), Desmond Doss (World War II), Ray Duke (Korean War), and Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (Civil War)—who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award given to a member of the armed forces for valor. Each individual showed great courage and bravery in the face of fear, some even giving the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

Through these inspiring stories, children will learn that they, too, can model these values in their daily decisions and in the way they serve those around them. They will realize the potential to make a real difference in their community, country, and world!