Teacher Fellowship Program

Teacher Fellowship 2024

Overview & Goals

The 2024 Teacher Fellowship is a year-long commitment. Teacher Fellows will be introduced to the Medal of Honor, the six character values associated with the medal, and the stories of recipients serving in various conflicts throughout our nation’s history who received the medal for acts of valor. Teacher Fellows will create instructional materials and lessons–for which they will be compensated–that reinforce content and standards covered in the classroom and are aimed at making the Heritage Center even more accessible to teachers and students of all grade levels. 

The 2024 Teacher Fellowship will entail book studies, multiple workshop dates at the Heritage Center, on and off-site collaboration, lesson and activity crafting, and professional learning opportunities. Teachers from Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama (select counties) were invited to apply for this program and have been selected.

We will begin taking applications for the 2025 Teacher Fellowship Program in December 2024.

Educational Approach

Chattanooga’s rich historical narrative includes the compelling story of Andrews’ Raiders and their mission during the Civil War which led to the city’s national recognition as the “Birthplace of the Medal of Honor.” The Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest military honor for valor, and through the powerful stories of these ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things, history is brought to life along the Heritage Center’s gallery timeline.

Offering a Place-Based Educational (PBE) approach to learning, the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center leverages our local history, geography, cultures, and experiences to engage students in the learning process outside the traditional classroom. This Fellowship will reach teachers and students across three states as our instructional materials and lessons will reflect state standards spanning Kindergarten through 12th grade levels and multiple content areas.




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