The National Medal of Honor Heritage Center Presents Awards to History Club Participants

CHATTANOOGA, TN – The Nathaniel C. Hughes History Club at the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center held their project presentations and awards ceremony December 7th in the Johnston Education Center at the Heritage Center. The 2021 fall semester on the topic of the Civil War culminated in projects that combined students’ knowledge of the Civil War, experiences they had in History Club and in the community, with their passions displayed in a format of their choosing. There were a wide range of projects, including diagrams, speeches, poems, art, dance, and even a short documentary.

I was so proud of the commitment from our students and the quality of the projects,” shared Hannah Sher, Director of Education. “It was inspiring to see the diverse topics chosen and the creativity each of the students applied.” The high school award winners were Richard Shank, Carolina Shank, Kennedy Groves. Award winners from the middle school group were Mac Jackson, Emery Miles, Haden Groves. Students and parents both expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the program.

MOHHC HC projects2 photo5Artwork and report projects for the History Club presentations.

MOHHC HC projects1 photo4Models of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia by Richard

I’m glad I had the opportunity to come here. I learned a lot more than I expected,” offered one of the participants.

I can’t begin to tell you how empowering this was for my student. So incredibly thankful that this opportunity exists in Chattanooga,” stated a parent of a middle schooler.

High School Winners 1High School Winners Pictured L-R: Kennedy Groves, Carolina
Shank, Richard Shank; Hannah Sher, Dir. of Education, MOHHC

Middle School Winners 1Middle School Winners Pictured L-R: Haden Groves, Emory
Miles, Mac Jackson; Hannah Sher, Dir. of Education, MOHHC

The National Medal of Honor Heritage Center created History Club to support the community after hearing concerns from local parents about the socialization of their children in the age of COVID-19. In line with the Heritage Center’s mission to teach the stories and values of the Medal of Honor, the goal of History Club is to foster a love of history and encourage safe socialization. The after-school program meets at the Heritage Center and is open to all middle and high school students. Each group meets once a week. The next semester will focus on the topic of World War II and begin the first week of February 2022. The Nathaniel C. Hughes, Jr. History Club is made possible through the generous support of the Astre Foundation and is free to students.

To learn more and register for the spring semester, visit our History Club or contact

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