Senator Bill Hagerty Visits Heritage Center

8 SENATOR HAGERTY AND Exec. Dir. KEITH HardisonSenator Bill Hagerty paid a visit to the Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center while in Chattanooga on Wednesday.  He was given a tour by Executive Director Keith Hardison, General Bill Raines, Bill Hullander, and other center officials. 

During the tour, Sen. Hagerty presented the Heritage Center with a historic coin that he received while he was Ambassador to Japan.  He also spoke to around 75 veterans, telling them he is going to ask for answers about the situation in Afghanistan during upcoming Senate hearings on the Foreign Relations Committee. 

Sen. Hagerty and Exec. Director Keith Hardison   

 Senator Hagerty, who is just back from a visit to NATO, said, “Members of the international media are dismayed about the  way Afghanistan was handled, but you would never know that from listening to the national media.”  He said he is also concerned about the situation with Taiwan, saying that China has moved 19 aircraft into that vicinity recently. He said, “The only thing that China understands is strength, and we have got to be strong. If we don’t use our strength, I don’t know what will happen to Taiwan.”  -Contributed by Earl Freudenberg


1 Sen. Hagerty with Linda Moss Mines Bill Hullander Bill Raines 1Sen. Hagerty with Linda Moss Mines, Bill Hullander, and Bill Raines

Sen. Hagerty presents a historic commemorative war coin to the Medal of Honor Heritage Center.