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Philippine Insurrection

Four Tennesseans received the Medal of Honor for actions during the Philippine Insurrection.

Bolden Reush Harrison

Bolden Reush Harrison

Rank: Seaman
Organization: U.S. Navy
Action Place: U.S.S. Pampang offshore of Basilan, Philippine Islands
(September 24, 1911)
Born: April 26, 1886, Savannah, Tennessee
Citation: While attached to the U.S.S. Pampang, Harrison was one of a shore party moving in to capture Mundang, on the island of Basilan, Philippine Islands, on 24 September 1911. Harrison instantly responded to the calls for help when the advance scout party investigating a group of nipa huts close to the trail was suddenly taken under point-blank fire and rushed by approximately 20 enemy Moros attacking from inside the huts and from other concealed positions. Armed with a double-barreled shotgun, he concentrated his blasting fire on the outlaws, destroying three of the Moros and assisting in the rout of the remainder. By his aggressive charging of the enemy under heavy fire and in the face of great odds, Harrison contributed materially to the success of the engagement.
Aditional Information: In 1981 a Savannah bridge was named after him and fellow Hardin County Medal of Honor recipient Vernon McGarity. It is called Harrison-McGarity Bridge. He is buried in Savannah Cemetery, Tennessee.
Alan James Greer

Allen James Greer

Rank: Second Lieutenant
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: 4th Infantry
Action Place: Near Majada, Laguna Province, Philippine Islands
(July 2, 1901)
Born: August 11, 1878, Memphis, Tennessee
Citation: Charged alone on an insurgent outpost with his pistol, killing one, wounding two, and capturing three insurgents with their rifles and equipment.
Aditional Information: Greer retired with the rank of Colonel in 1940. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts in 1898. Greer wrote articles for the North American Newspaper Alliance during WWII.
Josephus Samuel Cecil

Joseph S. Cecil

Rank: First Lieutenant
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: 19th U.S. Infantry
Action Place: Bud-Dajo, Jolo, Philippine Islands
(March 7, 1906)
Born: January 11, 1878, New River, Tennessee
Citation: While at the head of the column about to assault the first cotta under a superior force at short range, Cecil personally carried to a sheltered position a wounded man and the body of one who was killed beside him.
Aditional Information: Cecil was a “Mustang,” or a commissioned officer who began his career as an enlisted man. He served as non-commissioned officer in Spanish-American War. He served as Colonel in WWI. The Cecil family is considered one of the most decorated military families in the United States. The Cecil family’s combined service began in the Civil War and lasted through WWII. The U.S. Highway 27 bridge across New River is named after him.
Seth Lathrop Weld

Seth Lathrop Weld

Rank: Corporal
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: Company L, 8th U.S. Infantry
Action Place: La Paz, Leyte, Philippine Islands
(December 5, 1906)
Born: February 19, 1879, Sandy Hook, Maryland, entered service in Altamont, Tennessee
Citation: With his right arm cut open with a bolo, went to the assistance of a wounded constabulary officer and a fellow soldier who were surrounded by about 40 Pulajanes, and, using his disabled rifle as a club, beat back the assailants and rescued his party.