Living History

Living History



A series of inflection points throughout our nation’s history have rendered a complex but rich narrative worth telling. Visions of freedom and democracy danced in the minds of those who dared to dream early on, and in 1776, the American Project was born. Actualizing these visions both here at home and abroad through the years has, however, come at an ongoing high cost–a cost paid largely by our men and women in uniform along with their families. 


Drawn into the throes of bitter conflict around the world, American service personnel have endured the realities of war serving alongside one another from the banks of Chickamauga Creek during the Civil War to the forest floor of the Argonne and ridgetop of Hacksaw in World Wars I and II. From the trenches and heights of these wars rise stories of hope and inspiration that remind us ordinary individuals are capable of the extraordinary. 

Step back in time with one or more of our Living Historians to learn more about the human experience during these time frames. Our cadre of talented Living Historians authentically represent the stories of men and women by donning the clothing and gear historical figures would have worn in their era and engage with students as their virtual or in-person guest speaker. 


At present, we offer classes with Living Historians from the Civil War, World War I, and World War II eras. Our hope is to expand our class offerings, and updates are forthcoming. Class, grade level, schedule, content, and/or online platform personalization is available.

Through the generosity of previous donors and grant funding, this program was originally offered for free. Classrooms across the United States regularly connected with our Living Historians who brought history to life until funding was depleted. In an effort to continue offering this popular program and compensate the talented Living Historians for their time, this program now requires a fee of $30 per hour



Connect your classroom to a Living Historian online. This option includes a brief overview from the Living Historian and is followed by an interactive Q&A session. 


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