Discussion Questions

Growing Stronger in a Time of Crisis

10 Questions to Guide You

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CITIZENSHIP: Considering what is happening right now with COVID-19, what does it mean to be a good citizen? What do you expect of your fellow citizens during this time?
COURAGE: Courage means persevering despite your fears. What are you afraid of with COVID-19? How are you going to overcome that fear?
COMMITMENT: What are the commitments you have in your life? How have they changed because of COVID-19? What are your commitments now that the country is facing COVID-19?
INTEGRITY: How can you show integrity during a shelter-in-place?
SACRIFICE: Think about the sacrifices that you’ve had to make in response to COVID-19. How do you feel about making those sacrifices?
PATRIOTISM: What does patriotism look like right now?

If you feel compelled, share your thoughts with us in the box below!  We will compile these anonymous responses to share online and in our gallery when it’s safe to reopen.