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Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Dr. Mary Walker Art & Essay Contest Winners!

These students truly honored Dr. Mary Walker with their submissions and demonstrated the values of patriotism, citizenship, courage, integrity, sacrifice, and commitment.  Thanks to our sponsors, Art Creations and University Surgical Associates, for supporting these students and helping carry on Dr. Mary Walker’s legacy!

The winning entries are on display in the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center’s exhibit: “Dr. Mary Walker: Surgeon, Spy, and Patriot,” along with the names of the honorable mentions.

1st Place in the Elementary Art Contest: Sarah Jane Inman of Silverdale Baptist Academy

2nd Place in the Elementary Art Contest: Susannah Inman of Silverdale Baptist Academy

1st Place in Middle School Essay Contest: Elyjah Richardson of Silverdale Baptist Academy

Read more: Elyjah Richardson Dr. Mary Walker Essay

1st Place in High School Essay Contest: Chloe Newman of Girls Preparatory School

Read more: Chloe Newman Dr. Mary Walker Essay

2nd Place Middle School Essay Contest: Hannah Morais, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School
2nd Place High School Essay Contest: Abby Steffey, Silverdale Baptist Academy
Honorable Mentions: McClain Kate Freelend, Megan Manley, Hannah Manley, Savannah Inman, Paola Palacios