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Let’s Celebrate Charles H. Coolidge on his 99th Birthday!

Join Us in Honoring Medal of Honor Recipient Charles H. Coolidge
with a Special Donation for His 99th Birthday

To many in the Chattanooga area and thousands of others around the nation, the name Charles H. Coolidge is synonymous with bravery. His example of leadership, courage and integrity in the face of the enemy is one of many inspiring stories told every day at the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, a building that will forever bear Coolidge’s name.

On Oct. 24, 1944, Technical Sergeant Coolidge and his 12-man squad were tasked to clear several hills East of Belmont Sur Buttant near the German border. For the next four days, Coolidge would scamper from foxhole to foxhole, taking cover in the rolling hills and thick forest, and giving instructions and encouragement to his men as they battled hundreds of German infantrymen and two Panzer tanks. After four days of continuous fighting against an overwhelming force, Coolidge ordered his men to withdraw from Hill 623, ensuring that he was the last one holding the position. For his heroic actions in late October 1944, Coolidge was recommended for and received our nation’s highest military decoration: the Medal of Honor.  Today, Charles H. Coolidge is the Army’s last living World War II Medal of Honor recipient, and one of only two living Medal of Honor recipients from World War II.

On August 4, Coolidge will celebrate his 99th birthday, which is why the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center has created a unique way for our friends and supporters to honor this true American hero.  For a limited time, the Heritage Center will be selling a special commemorative Brick of Valor for a $1,000 donation. With this donation, you will receive a specialized 8″ x 8″ Brick of Valor that honors Charles H. Coolidge along with your engraved name.  In all, the Heritage Center plans to sell 99 special Coolidge bricks that will be used to create a lasting tribute to this American hero in the Aquarium Plaza.

In addition, you will receive a limited-edition Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor challenge coin as a special gift for your continued support that you will treasure for years to come. All funds raised from this campaign will help support our continued efforts to memorialize the heritage of the Medal of Honor and educate future Americans about the six character traits that embody the Medal of Honor and its recipients: Patriotism, Citizenship, Courage, Integrity, Sacrifice and Commitment.









(Disclaimer: This preview of the 8″ x 8″ Coolidge Brick of Valor and limited-edition, 2″ Charles H. Coolidge Challenge Coin are only for visual representation purposes. The actual engraving of the brick may differ in color, font and image placement.)